View Full Version : mtbenjamin77---Great builder and considerate seller!

03-11-2013, 11:59 PM
I am the happy owner of this AC VS1 Tunnel FE built/converted by mtbenjamin7795126.:thumbup:
The build/conversion is so well executed and the steering cables run inside brass tubes on bothsides of the radio/servo enclosure. The arrangement of the ESC wires and water cooling lines are very neat. There is also a gadget for adding oil to the out board. Can go on and on with little nice touches here and there.
I have been looking at a FE VS1 for sometime now and couldn't be happier with this particular Tunnel from mtbenjamin77, he sent me a new cowling with the graphics applied meticulously. It had to come in a separate box and he did not charge for the delivery! :rockon2: He has been very patient with me since I have not had a outboard before.
I appreciate all the info. and know-how he is willing to pass on.
Another reason I think why it is great to deal with people who care about their product and this hobby!

Thanks Travis!