View Full Version : 2013 Racing Schedule

02-27-2013, 02:08 AM
Greetings to all. Our race season will be here before we know it :banana:! Practices will be on Wednesdays starting on April 3rd. The following will be the dates for our club races:

April 14 Club Race #1 Shelby Pond

May 19 Club Race #2 Shelby Pond

July 21 Club Race #3 Shelby Pond

August 18 Club race #4 Shelby Pond

September 15 Club Race #5 Shelby pond

October 6 Club Race #6 Shelby Pond

Point classes will be: P Limited Offshore, P-Limited Mono, P Limited Sport Hydro & SV-27.

As always we will race any class that has at least 3 boats that show up. Q Cat, Q-Sport; P Limited OPC, 1/10 Scale , 1/8 Scale, P-Limited Hydro.

This year we will be hosting the Michigan Cup Race on June 28-30 2013 at the Oakland Elks Club. Our 2012 P-Shootout was a GREAT success thanks to the help and participation of our members :thumbup1:! With continued support the 2013 Michigan Cup will surpass that. I look forward to a great upcoming season! Check back here for future information.