View Full Version : Turkey Day records trial Huntsville, AL 11/24&25/2012 Who's coming?

11-19-2012, 11:02 AM
We'd like to get an idea of just how many racers are planning to show for the final Records Trial of 2012 at Huntsville, AL. We will be at the lake site around 7am and should be set up by 7:30ish right now we have the 1/3 mile course alreadt set along with SAW. We can change the oval course over to 1/4 mile oval when a majority of people signed up vote to change it (weather permitting) Sunset is at 4:30pm we will most likely shut the site down about 4:15 pm since our site has no lights. Registration is $10 plus $1 per timed run (you ask for a time). See witching hour rules below!

Witching Hour Rules apply between 3:00 pm just before sunset. A short list will be used. Only drivers whose boats have been within 5 percent of the record during the event or if you currently hold that record will be allowed to run on the short list. Those on the short list will have the water until sunset. If no one on the short list elects to run at any time after 3pm open running will become effective using the daily list until such time that someone on the short list elects to run. At that time only people on the short list are eligible to run until such time that those participants are not running again. This can happen as often as the short list participants pass their turn. No one on the short list can give up their spot for someone not on the short list.

Did find a pretty good deal online for the Embassy Suites Hotel (very nice hotel) "You must pay for in advance online". $79 per night.

Happy thanksgiving and please think and give a prayer for our men and women still in harms way overseas!