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10-27-2012, 09:12 PM
I know someone who has the older version of the RIO 51. He wants to go brushless now and is considering ordering the VENOM/ATOMIK 58" Brushless boat. I can take his old RIO, which has been only run 3 or 4 times, as a partial trade. I have looked at the threads on converting the Rio 51 to brushless, but it looks complicated and expensive. Does anyone have any idea what this Rio 51 would be worth now?

10-30-2012, 04:54 PM

10-30-2012, 07:21 PM
From what I hear the about the hull from Rundog on hear,
The hull is not very good and the hardware very cheaply made.
He bought the 51z and hand the motor modded bigger,
But was very unhappy with the whole boat and how it handled.

10-31-2012, 08:15 AM
If I were you, I would look for something a little stronger and designed to run the brushless setup that you would like to run. I have never been a fan of converting things over from gas to FE.

11-06-2012, 06:32 AM
Hi Guys,
wanted to ask, the Revolt 30 could go also on 3s single battery?

11-06-2012, 07:28 AM
Yes I think so,
But it will be slow at 19980 rpm's I think.