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10-09-2012, 08:21 AM
The October records trial we will have the SAW and 1/4 mile oval to start with Oct 12 and when the majority wants to switch over to the 1/3rd mile oval we can do that weather/wind permitting. We try to have everything set up and ready to roll by 8am sunset is around 6pm. Any questions give me a call at 256-361-3325

Bill Zuber

10-15-2012, 07:04 PM
Huntsville 2012 Fall Record Trials, October 12-14
These are the record applications being applied for Unofficially until Doug Smock has reviewed and verified the applications.

Jay/Mic Halbrehder Q O/B Tunnel 1/3 OVAL 30.112 sec, 39.851 mph
Jay/Mic Halbrehder S O/B Tunnel 1/3 OVAL 30.139 sec, 39.815 mph
Mic Halbrehder S O/B Tunnel 1/4 OVAL 26.319 sec, 34.118 mph
Jay/ Mic Halbrehder Q O/B Tunnel 1/4 OVAL 24.466 sec, 36.785 mph
Jay/ Mic Halbrehder Q O/B Tunnel SAW 3.050 sec, 73.770 mph
Jay/ Mic Halbrehder S O/B Tunnel SAW 3.812 sec, 59.024 mph

Chris Krawczyk S Mono 1/4 OVAL 21.334 sec, 42.186 mph
Chris Krawczyk Q Mono 1/4 OVAL 21.131 sec, 42.591 mph
Chris Krawczyk N Mono 1/4 OVAL 23.835 sec, 37.759 mph

David Hall S Hydro 1/3 OVAL 21.404 sec, 56.064 mph
David Hall T Hydro 1/3 OVAL 20.617 sec, 58.204 mph

Bill Zuber LSG26 SS Cat 1/3 OVAL 36.985 sec, 32.445 mph
Bill Zuber LSG26 SS Cat 1/4 OVAL 33.112 sec, 27.180 mph
Bill Zuber LSG26 SS Cat SAW 5.164 sec, 43.570 mph

David Hall Q Hydro Fastest Pass SAW 2.082 sec, 108.069 mph