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Andy Greene
09-08-2012, 06:07 PM
We have final approval from the county and are moving forward on making this vision reality. The dates for the race will be Oct 27th and 28th -Dover Park (Brandon), Fl.(https://maps.google.com/maps?q=2820+North+Galagher+Road.+Dover,+Florida.+3 3568) With Open water and Timed 2 lap TRI-OVAL beginning Sat.am followed by 1 round of heat racing in the afternoon - 4 rounds of heat racing on Sunday to crown the overall Champ. One heat will be a dump heat for those that cant make SAT, but timed laps will be factored in for the Overall Cup Win. Just wanted to get the word out so anyone wishing to attend can make plans well in advance. This race will follow NAMBA D3 Hull and Engine rules- the only twist if you will- will be the fact that we are running on a TRI OVAL and NOT the standard oval course, and MODVP will feature LeMans style starts. The Tri-Oval has been run in the past at this sight by Mic during the STORM series and provides new challenges and great racing, so if you're tentative about running it- all I can say is, one lap and your HOOKED. :cool2:

Sign up is on -

09-11-2012, 09:35 AM
Florida FE supporters. The classes are set up to promote building of tunnels beyond P-spec/limited. NAMBA rules without controller regulation so if you have a spec/limited and want to bolt on a 3674 or 4074 size motor,you have two classes you will be competative in. If you just want heat racing experience you can enter limited-P, Full P and P-Q with your limited boat and you might be surprised how well you run. More HP means less finishers at this point of tunnel evolution. We know it is not a big draw to come with only one boat so this is a perk. Also the heat scoring is set up best 4/5 scored with 4 heats on Sunday so your still capable of winning it all and do not have to compete both days. Saves a hotel night if you just want to get up early on Sunday and drive. Maybe Andy can arrange the classes so FE will not be the first two heats and Spec deffinately at the end of the round giving you a cushion in the AM. This is a racer friendly atmosphere but also the competition will be as stiff as anywhere FE tunnels are run.

Andy Greene
09-11-2012, 06:57 PM
Mic , once again THANK YOU for your help- :cool2:
Heck its been so long, I had to re-register here.
No offense guys but I'm well left behind in the F/E loop, but still desire to give you F/E guys a place to play.
I will make sure we split the heats up to allow charging time for you guys- (Mic insert preferences here) and I will make sure we do our best to accommodate everyone.


Andy Greene
09-14-2012, 10:35 PM
An update that was NOT on the flier- sorry bout that guys and gals, The flier was a little rushed. If anyone has any questions feel free to shoot me a pm .

The format will proceed as originally planned -
Open water and timed laps on Sat- 1 round of heat racing on Sat - 4 Rounds of heat racing on Sunday- 1 of the 5 heat racing rounds will be a dump round at drivers discretion.
Timed laps will count toward your total overall score- I/E . Fasted timed lap / per given class will be awarded 50 Bonus points toward the overall heat racing score/ 2nd fastest per given class will receive 25 Bonus points-no points rewarded after 1-2.
New fast lap for the event -(based on previously established timed laps) will be awarded an additional 5 pts
There will be a 2 attempt - per class limit for timed laps per boat entered in class.
Each driver will be required to establish 2 boats at entry (at the event) and the totals from timed laps and 4 rounds of heat racing+ Bonus points will be the OVERALL CHAMPION.

Andy Greene
10-05-2012, 02:34 PM
Just a reminder guys and gals- race flier is posted and entries are filling in the nitro classes,
Plenty of room in the remaining F/E classes and with the format layout-ANYONE is capable of winning it all............
If anyone has any questions or concerns , PLEASE feel free to contact myself or Mic, We will be glad to assist you anyway we can.


Andy Greene
10-09-2012, 07:25 PM
Here we go guys and gals- sign em up.
The fall Nats are over and if you want a shot a some of "THE BEST" tunnel racers in the country between now and the Tunnel Championships next year, This is where you see how you stack up against them, PERIOD
(check the entry list if you doubt me)

So far we have 55+ boats entered for a shot at the inaugular " Herb Stewart Memorial Cup " and its anyone's race to win, who will be the first to put there name on the traveling / perpetual trophy and bragging rights in classes and Time Trials ??????
Btw- Its a NICE looking trophy

LeMans starts in Mod VP and F/E - Timed Laps - 5 Rounds of heat racing on a TRI -OVAL
Hang On

10-11-2012, 04:14 PM
was planning on coming down but sold my tunnel last month....good luck with the race andy.....bet there will be no protests lol (inside joke)

Andy Greene
10-12-2012, 11:01 AM
Wish you could have made it down Ron, and no - thats not gonna be an issue :wink:

10-19-2012, 11:22 PM
Why did you sell the tunnel Ron?

10-19-2012, 11:42 PM
it was running so good i wouldn't have any excusess when i lost a heat lol....hugh and i sold em both.....the money was good and i needed a new tv

Andy Greene
10-20-2012, 11:07 PM
Just some general info for those attending -

1) The county has added some new posts and locks to some of the access areas,
On Sat AND Sunday - we will be using the main entrance only- just to the right of the small hill entering the park.
There will be a chain and lock on that entrance that WILL REMAINED LOCKED AT ALL TIMES - After entering the parking area or pits - PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE ON THE SOCCER FIELDS.
We ask that the gate be re-locked without fail.
Should you arrive at the gate and you require entrance- honk your horn and someone from BMB will let you in.

After unloading your trailer or pit/race equipment - ALL VEHICLES must park at the south end of the soccer fields near the single story building.
The ONLY exceptions are handicap tagged vehicles. As of this post there are zero racers requiring handicap parking-
Trailers and pit tents are allowed on either side of the walk path and both sides of the drivers stand -as usual.
3) Check In - for those arriving Sat- please check in and designate your 2 boats your using for the Overall award as soon as race site setup is done please.
For those arriving Sunday , please get with myself (Andy - or my wife Georganna) when you arrive Sunday so we can get you checked in and get you your heat sheets.
4) payment- if you chose to mail in payment- at the lake lol - please try to have as close to your total as possible - makes it a ton easier on change guys- unless you wanna donate to my beer fund

Looks like a bunch of great racers entered- and from what I saw at the pond today- The TBM boys are ready
Want to thank those that gave me a hand today getting the place ready-