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08-26-2012, 07:42 PM
I have acquired this boat http://forums.offshoreelectrics.com/showthread.php?36265-FOR-SALE-1-8-scale-buitl-special-for-FE
I plan on running a 1527 1.5Y on 2 Hyperion EX 5S. So 10S. The builders original plan was a Swordfish 200. Anyones thoughts since I've read mixed reviews and so has Don F. Also, what is a good prop to start with? Thanks. This boat will now be a Miss Red Dot and Doug at Oversprayers is doing this one for me.

08-27-2012, 01:19 PM
I have run this setup for 4-5 years on 2 diff scale boats and 7 of the 8 boats in our club run this setup, depending on weight and how the hull runs you can run anything from a 447 to a 455, also depending on the size of the course you run on. I typically run a 452-455 but my props are very modified. Doug Twaits Sr runs a 447 pretty stock (he has the same exact boat as me excep his is prob 4-5 lbs lighter) and is he same speed as me with my 452. I would start w a 447-450 detounged and work from there depending on heat and run time, and I use only Castle controllers either the older HV240 or the new Ice2 HV200. I personally have had no problems with any Castle controllers that havent been self inflicted!

09-03-2012, 12:26 PM
Brian Buaas has been running my old Dave Frank Executone to NAMBA two lap records and Electric Nationals class wins. It was equipped with a Scorpion HK 4035 800, a Castle ICE 200 lite ESC with added water cooling, and two Gens Ace 5300 4S packs in series. The Scorpion isn't cheap, but it's durable as is the Castle ICE ESC. The cost should be in the $550 to $600 area depending on the street prices. We melted a lot of less expensive components before settling on these. We're pulling around 150 amps, but could pull more with these components, if needed.

Brian added to the battery with 2 more 4S 5000 mah packs giving an 8S 2P setup and did pull more current at the nationals, toasting one Scorpion. He propped down and still easily won with a spare motor. I just finished converting the boat to Neu power with the 1527 1.5Y. It should be faster still with currents in the 200 amp range. The increases in Scorpion pricing make the Neu motors competitive.

Lohring Miller

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09-03-2012, 03:00 PM
I suggest the Swordfish 240 hv, i run that in my 1/8 on 9s2p, never an issue.