View Full Version : "djmaincheese" Great seller+++

04-10-2012, 10:09 AM
This guy's great, he pm'd me pic's of a product packed the way they should be along with pic's of the postage papers and he did all this as quick as paypal (well nearly :laugh:)
I still have to see the product but I'm sure it'll be in better condition than when it left the factory.
Well done:thumbup::tiphat:, he set's a hell of a standard.

04-20-2012, 12:53 PM
sorry dean, :doh:
I posted this on a car/truck forum I'm on, haven't even knocked up the build thread as I was having too much fun driving. Thanks again for the awesome sale and delivery.

well what can I say, thank god I'm only into toy's,
I'd be like this

This car is sick, the neu 1527 motor rock's but it needs to be driven as would a true supercar, I love it!!!!
After testing and learning how to drive with the first 3 pack's I begun getting cocky and the result's are shown in it pic's below. The car need's to be driven with respect, there's no looking around quickly to see if there's a car comming, too quick. The time it move's from a-b is just stupid, my ball's shrivelled up and my heart raced with adrenaline all day, I'm not going to go on like a made nut for a change, all I'll say is the 25t-46t gearing is more than enough for a set of tires until I get better with this thing.
After my third pack the night was setting in along with the cold. On the third pack, I was gaining confidence running quick for a few hundred meters and then drifting around and into it again on the way back past me hugging a 70 degree bend and punching into another streight for about 100 meter's, then drift around and back and so on. After changing to the forth battery I was a little too keen to get going quick again and only messed around drifting for a short time, this is not a great idea. I punched it away from me for about 200+meters and then spun it around toward myself and let it launch and I notice it getting a little out of shape but I pushed through it and it was on me like a fly, instead of hugging the bend it slid past me sideway's heading off road so I corrected it just in time but didn't slow it enough before it hit the dirt and grass and launched flying across the grass with a very nasty front splitter landing that dig in breaking and sending the car into the fastest roll/flip/cartwheel I've ever seen, WWOOWW!!!!! did my heart race, what a sight, it was like something you might see on tv after some poor dude's been killed.
Our guess was about right, the 25t/46t gearing give around 70-80mph, I ran a lot of high 60's, then snuck it out to 74mph on the crash run, always the way, you go that little bit too hard on the last pack of the day. The MMM seemed to hold up to thing's well enough but I'll be stoked once the xl2 arrives, the mmm's fan coped a work out as it was a very nice afternoon which didn't help too much. Temps all stayed safe but the mmm's would be pushing hard. The 5000mah nano's got me around 30-40 minutes of speed runs with drifting bends leading back into speed runs, plenty fine for me, I recon I get the same buzz as I would if I was to get in a 1:1 I'm sure glad today hasn't cost me 1/2 mil.:D