View Full Version : propping up

12-22-2011, 12:52 AM
For those of us that are happy with an X642, is there a sequence of propping up that would work? I have a few props that may fit this bill but not sure. I'm listing them in the order that I think is progressive and would be more WORK on the motor. Final pitch in parenthesis, first is an X642(2.64) M445(2.478) X447(2.59) X645(2.832) V940 (3 blade 2.983) and X646(2.896). I know Fluid mentioned to increase pitch before diameter but I would assume that when you reach the end of pitch you drop pitch and start over with increasing diameter. The final pitch numbers still seem unusable for fine tuning but not sure. Any thoughts on an increase in Prop would be appreciated, Thanks. P.S Not boat or motor specific but which is harder to turn.