View Full Version : SoCal FE November, 2011 Meeting

11-10-2011, 06:15 PM
SoCal Fast Electrics Monthly meeting held in Lake Forest, Ca with president Tony "Properchopper" Heller presiding. Meeting was during the lunch break for the 10 am to 4 pm FE boating run at Lake Forest. Dues were set at $5 per month and payable quarterly, semi-annual or annual. Tony briefed the group on the work that needed to be accomplished before the FE Nationals at Legg Lake in June 2012. Highlight was MarkF running a 20S Red Hydro Beast on one of the new FighterCat 4-24 LiPo, 100 amp ESC's. The video has been posted of this incredible run, (see posted video section), however we forgot to put the radar gun on it to get accurate speed. Great runs from Tony, Stephen, Jim M, Brad and Boyd. Fun run was a figure 8 "Bumper-Boat" run with no holds barred using a matched set of Zig Zag racers provided by Joe.

A new technology was introduced to video/audio record boat FE runs. Joe brought back two styles of HD sunglasses that had built in video/audio micro-miniature camera/and digital recorder so that the RC operator could record the action and operation of the boat totally by himself (or herself, or itself). The integral HD video system takes a 4 Gb micro SD card and will record up to two hours of high definition video per charge (done via a USB port). Everyone was amazed at the quality of the video and ease of use of the video glasses. (one button push for power then auto record. One button push for off). Look for more postings on this new technology.

Next meeting to be held at Lake Forest in Mid-December.

Secretary and acting Treasurer, Questtek