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10-24-2011, 08:58 PM
Club Race 10/30/2011
Ok guys we have just under a week until the last club race please email Fred with you classes you will be running to fasiewert@yahoo.com before Friday night at 9pm so we can get the list of jobs out, as last time we need everybodys help with this

Classes will be

P-limited Offshore
P-limited Sport Hydro
P-limited OPC

Drivers Meeting at 9:15am and Heat Racing starts at 9:30am
Please be on time... Those whom have been asked to help; please be there in enough time to get the items done! We want EVERYONE to have a good time; hence getting everyone to participate on the work... Please let Mike, Terry, or Ken if you have any questions or concerns

10-30-2011, 07:11 PM

I just want to start by saying thanks for another great year this is how it all played out

P-Limited Sport Hydro

There was a total of 20 heets with total of 8000 points

1) Mike Ball 6450 Thats an average of 322 points per heat nice job Mike

2) Ken Joye 5182 comes out to 259 points per heet

3) Fred Siewert 4900

4) Bob Soence 4663

5) Bob Zola 3849

P-Limited Offshore

There was only 6.25 laps between 1st and 3ed

1) Fred Siewert 232.5 Laps thats an avarge of 11.62 laps per heet

2) Terry Davis 229.25 Laps thats an avarge of 45.65 laps per race day

3) Marc 226.25 all I can say its the fasatest and best handling sv27 I have seen

4)Bob Zola 205.5

5)Bob Spence 190.75


1) Mike Ball 2852

2)Tony L 2175

3)Alan 2025


1) Terry Davis 6300

2) Bob Zola 5575

3)Ken Joye 4075

Thanks again for another great year and thanks again to the core for all there hard work to make it possiable for us to race