View Full Version : Check your stuffing tube is still glued in!

09-05-2011, 03:24 PM
Post run inspection showed that the epoxy has come loose on the stuffing tube inside the tub. Also have what I'm hoping is a stress crack in the paint/gelcoat where the stuffing tube comes through the bottom of the boat.
Positive this is due the the motor mount not being strong enough to support the weight of the motor without bouncing. My motor moves all over the place just by wiggling the motor wires.
This mount will not stand up the a long motor like a 3674 can it barely support the Geico can I'm trying out.
Going to glue some kind of support under the motor for now, then make or have made a billet aluminum mount that will be a direct bolt in replacement. A new boater in my area has a lathe/mini mill:biggrin:. Might be seeing all kinds of new one off parts:spy:.