View Full Version : 06/29/2011 MMEU Wednesday Night Practice

06-27-2011, 10:38 AM
Who is planning on coming to practice this week?

There are a couple of quick notes I would like to pass along.

We would prefer that practice attendees have a current NAMBA membership and be able to present your card.

Our full course is installed

I now have the keys, oars, and life jackets again

Same bat time and same bat channel… I will be there no later than 5:00pm, but will try and be there around 4:30pm.

I will have my tennis ball retrieval system for use too.

I/We ask that you respond if you plan on attending practice; email, a reply post, and a phone call to me are all acceptable means of response. If you DO NOT RESPOND I will assume that you will not be participating in practice. If I get ZERO RESPONSES for participation, I will cancel practice for that week.

I would appreciate responses sooner than later. Waiting until the last minute isn’t fair to anyone.

According to Weather.com we are currently looking at Mid 70’s with a 0% chance rains. After last week’s Tornado warnings and storms popping up out of nowhere; I just hope the forecast doesn’t change.

Happy boating
Mike Ball