View Full Version : 2011 Namba Nats Specialty Class

06-10-2011, 06:09 PM
Anyone going to run P-Limited Sport Hydro at Legg Lake on the 18th?

D. Newland
06-10-2011, 06:31 PM
I talked to Tony this morning. He will be there with a few of his Insane teammates (Steve and Roger I hope are running). I'll be there. Brian Buass, Ted McKay. That's off the top of my head.

Tyler-do you run LSH? I know you've got a P mono...just not sure about LSH.

06-10-2011, 06:44 PM
you guys would get alot more entries if u could move texas out of the way....i swore id never drive across that darn state ever again....lol