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Ken Haines
02-05-2008, 01:49 AM
Hey Guys,
I know its getting late, but here are the APRCRA race schedules for this year. Looks like a pretty well organized oval racing group. Paul helped them alot with the rules. They run hull limits, see there web page for more detail on all the classes!!!!

APRCRA 2008 Pro Cup Series
Let's go RACING! Here's the schedule for 2008:

Winter Nats -- Orlando, FL (NAMBA)

February 21-24, 2008
VooDoo Nats -- All classes -- New Orleans, LA

March 21-23, 2008
Orlando Culvert Dodgers -- Orlando, FL

April 16-20, 2008
Music City Showdown -- Nashville, TN

AVAILABLE (depending on date) -- Contact fred@aprcra.org

June 19-21, 2008
Carolina Showdown -- Walnut Cove, NC

July (date to be announced)
Bay City Blast -- Bay City, MI

AVAILABLE (depending on date) -- Contact fred@aprcra.org

September (date and details to be announced)
Broward Pond -- Sunrise, FL

October (date and details to be announced)
District 3, NAMBA -- Florida

November (date to be announced)
VooDoo Park -- New Orleans, LA
APRCRA Pro Cup Championship

Any club wanting a race in May, August or September: Please contact Fred at fred@aprcra.org as soon as possible.
Any other club that wants to hold a race should contact Fred in case of a cancelation. All dates must be confirmed with the APRCRA by January 1, 2008.
The Staff would also like to know if any club would like to hold a Pro Fun Run in December 2008, to benefit a children's toy type drive. This would be a No Points/No Prize Money run for kids in need. Contact Fred at fred@aprcra.org for more details and information

Hope to see some of you at the Florida swing of the events,

Ken Haines
03-01-2008, 11:19 AM
Hey Guys, There is a schedule change to the APRCRA Orlando race. The recheduled date is now March 28-30. I hope they get enough people registered by the March 8th deadline. If they don't, Fred Williamson the director, said he would be in a position to have to cancel the event. The web-site for more information is:
I hope everyone planning to attend registers before the deadline. Mike Martin, and I are really hoping to have some stiff competition in Orlando.