View Full Version : IMPBA D12 Points Race #2 May 20-22 Greensboro, NC

05-02-2011, 11:48 AM
Attached is the race flyer for District 12 race #2 hosted the the Piedmont Triad Prop twisters on May 20-22 in Greesboro, NC.

Again, The host clubs were asked by Don to include FE classes agreed to at the district meeting on their race flyers. It's just going to take time for few of the clubs to get with the program. The obvious trend is the clubs that do not have FE members are the ones that seem to be having problems including the FE classes. Get the picture guys? We need FE members in all our district clubs.

Here are the availible FE classes for D12 in 2011

Novice - no riggers (combined nitro/gas/FE class, non championship points class)
B / P-Spec Outboard Tunnel - (combined nitro/FE class)
B / P-Spec Hydro - (combined nitro/FE class)
B / P- Mono - (combined nitro/FE class)
Open Tunnel - 6S maximum (combined nitro/gas/FE class)
Open Offshore - (combined nitro/gas/FE class)
Open FE Hydro - 8S maximum (none championship points class)
Open FE Mono - 8S maximum (none championship points class)

District 12 FE rules can be found in the IMPBA Forum in the District 12 section. www.impba.net

This year there are two "B" Tunnel classes in D12 and there was some confusion at the first race as to which class the P-Spec Tunnels would run with. B- Sport tunnel is a stock nitro ONLY class. B-Tunnel allows moded nitro motors and is the class the P-Specs run with. I'll email Blaise and hopefully there will be no confusion at the race. If there is, I'm sure Dick will straighten it out!

I know we've got more than a few OSE members in Carolina. If you've got the time. check out the race and see what it's all about!!!

I'm not going to be able to attend due to family obligations. Post here if you plan on racing or are thinking of droping by to check out the action.:rockon2:

05-02-2011, 11:55 AM
Im going and run my PS295, and my CYBERSTORM P mono, I would run one of Mikes new P MONOs but he does not make them, maybe the new NS295