View Full Version : My P1, im having issues..

03-29-2011, 05:44 PM
I took the boat out for the first time today, ran it on a Maxamp 2s 6400 mah lipo, took a while to plane out, wasnt all that fast but neat to watch hit small waves. I then installed my 3s maxamp 8000 mah lipo. man what a difference!! it scoots along really good now!! but... after about 1 minute of running, i slowed to make a corner and now it doesnt seem to have any decent power.. it wont even plane out. motor is not revving either. i brought the boat back in, unplugged my battery, then plugged it back in and walla back to wicked fast again. so back out on the water i go this time i was running WOT then it felt like i lost about half the voltage, the boat barely stayed on plane then when i made a corner it just came off plane and never recovered.. so back to shore again. unplugged battery, plugged battery back in and wicked fast again.. then after about 30 sec. same thing.. whats happening? any thoughts??:help::help:

also the only thing i did to it was take the venom plug off and install a Deans connecter..

04-01-2011, 01:19 PM
I would check your LVC on the esc and also check the cell count. The Esc might think u are running 4s