View Full Version : Lipo mah size for a tenshock mono1

10-19-2010, 01:24 AM
I've just completed a build of a tenshock mono1, and am about to order some lipos for it--

I am currently testing with a turnigy 3s 5000mah pack which is a tight fit. I'm going to order some g3 vx hyperions (since I've sworn off turnigys...)

Is there any reason (other than cost) why I should consider a smaller 4200 pack vs. 5000? For example, would the weight difference be significant enough to effect performance?

According to hyperion spec sheet for g3 vs 3S:
4200 at 345g
5000 at 428g
delta 83g


10-19-2010, 08:22 AM
Can I ask why you have gone off the Turnigy's? I was just about to buy a set and you have me worried :s lol

10-19-2010, 11:04 AM
I run 2s 5800mAh in mine, with a HET30/1, but the guy I bought it off ran 3s 3300mah on a similarly sized (480) Lehner a 1530/8 I think, were both spinning the same size prop (36mm carbon) at similar speeds and getting similar runtimes (6.5mins) the only real difference is that my ESC runs hotter than his did, but I'm not 100% on whether that is because he was running lower amps than me with his higher voltage or that he was running a Shulze ESC and I'm running a cheap Chinese unit, probably a combination of the both his setup was lighter though as his ESC was a fair bit smaller.

Both our cell packs weigh just under 280g as that's maximum the rules allow for Mono1, our local racing allows any voltage up to 43v with 280g of cells and thats what he was going with, I like to compete at the nats which follow naviga rules and specify max 2s LiPo max 280g. I also know of another one running under SWAMBC rules 2s max 5000mAh no weight limit which is on a Mega 16/30/1 (the motor HET copied when making mine) which ran a bit slower but he was 500mAh down (my 5800s don't give 5800 even at 10A on the discharger)and it was his first race with the boat and my second, so my setup was probably a little better.

10-19-2010, 04:44 PM
Can I ask why you have gone off the Turnigy's? I was just about to buy a set and you have me worried :s lol