View Full Version : Venom lipos discharge ability test

08-20-2010, 09:11 PM
I did some testing with a a pair of hardcase Venom 4000mah 20C 2s lipos and NeuEnergy 3600mah 25C 2s'. I tested them soley in regards to performance and their ability to discharge. It was not a fancy scientific test, but it told me what I needed to know.

I tested these 2 batteries against each other

***Venom 20C 7.4v 4000mah lipo***
***NeuEnergy 25C 7.4v 3600mah lipo***

-These are not exactly the same in C rating and capacity, but they are very close in that the slightly smaller battery has a slightly higher C rating, making the available current pretty close (80-90A). These should be very similar performing batteries.

I ran them in my tc3 car that I built for speed. I normally run 3-4s lipos but the 2s in this case eliminated a lot of variables like tire spin, aerodynamic lift, ect. The car has a 39t pinion gear and a mamba 6900kv motor with a mmp esc. Both lipos were cold and the car was allowed to cool between tests.

With the venom 2s, first run was 57mph. After making a few passes I was able to squeek out 58mph.
With the NeuEnergy 2s, I made one pass and it was 62mph. I didnt make any more because that was convincing enough info for me, and I was there to test with 3s lipos so I went straight to that.

This confirmed my previous results with Venom lipos. While they work well for a lot of applications and there is really nothing "wrong" with them, their C rating may be a little overstated in comparision to other brands.