View Full Version : Lipo's in fridge? Doesn't that violate the 20 degree temperature change rule?

04-20-2010, 12:14 AM
I've read that some people store their Lipo's in the refrigerator for long term storing. Soon I'll be going on a camping trip and may not bring the boat/lipo's becuase of not having a cool enough place to store them (I'd have to leave them in the car when not in use).

Then I thought well I could always buy a cooler with a sandwich net in the top and store them there (of course w/ extra caution to not drop them in icy water. Then I thought well that will violate the 20 degree change in temperature rule...

So how does one store lipo's in the refrigerator without violating said rule?

04-20-2010, 02:57 AM
I have never stored lipo in a fridge, where I live summer temps are regularly over 110 deg F and have had no problems. I actually heat my lipo in the cooler months before I use them. They will not be damaged by taking on your trip so take a boat a heap of packs and have some fun!!

04-22-2010, 09:12 AM
Maybe they store them in a British fridge, the same kind they use to keep their beer pee warm :)


04-22-2010, 01:03 PM
Up here in the Great White North, the pond was frozen for 5 months so I tried putting my lipo's in the fridge at half charge. I checked the voltage once a month and when spring finally arrived none of the packs had lost even a 1/10th of a volt.
Some of the packs were within a 1/100th of a volt. Thought that was pretty amazing.
I let the packs sit for about a week before charging them and they all seem fine.
With my nihm packs I kept them topped up but it's always a struggle to get them back to full capacity after sitting so long.