View Full Version : District 8 to Vote on including some FE Classes

Darin Jordan
12-15-2009, 08:59 PM
I just got a note from Eric Bourlet, the NAMBA District 8 director that mentioned that they will be voting in February on, amongst other topics, including 2 Fast Electric classes in their regular race line-up.

The two classes listed are P-Spec Hydro and P-Spec OPC Tunnel.

I would encourage our District members to support this inclusion, both with a note to the District 8 leadership, and with your attendance at their races, should these inclusions be allowed.

We have raced at several races with them over the past couple of years, and it's always fun.

It's a good start in bringing all of this hobby together. Also gives those with interest in racing Gas or Nitro boats, as well as FE, and opportunity to run at a venue where all types are raced.

I think this is a very exciting step towards the future. :thumbup: