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  1. Spy Shot of a new Prototype Hull!!!!
  2. New AquaCat
  3. @@@ The Wait is Over VIDEO of the Prototype Aqua Cat @@@
  4. Aquacraft Motley Crew Cat
  5. unique idea using a motley crew
  6. Vid of the Motley Crew
  7. Motley Crew Graphics
  8. Motley Crew Cat...Coming Soon to a Workshop Near You.
  9. Lets See Who's Paying Attention.
  10. Pics of the Motley Crew
  11. 1st Run of the Motley Crew
  12. motley boat
  13. Aquacraft Motley Crew - Diesel
  14. 1st run of motley crew
  15. First out today w/ MC and the MG boats
  16. Aquacraft Motley Crew
  17. First Impressions??
  18. dealing with hobby services
  19. Aquacraft Motley Crew
  20. Motley crew
  21. Motley crew
  22. Dissapointed with Motley crew
  23. Motley Crew "Fix"
  24. First run
  25. 2nd try with motleycrew
  26. Motley Crew thoughts.....
  27. broken shaft again
  28. Just recieved my new Motley Crew today
  29. Collet question
  30. motly crew race water and speed
  31. Race Prep on my Crew Hull
  32. Motor swap
  33. new parts from AC
  34. 60.4 MPH New Motley Crew
  35. Newbie with a few questions
  36. Water tubing
  37. MC flexcable fix?
  38. Esc blowout
  39. What prop with 2300kv
  40. MC first batch
  41. Motor Upgrade/Outrunner???
  42. Carbon Filled Propellers
  43. Scooped up a MC.
  44. x440 or x442 On Stock Setup
  45. What's a better prop for sport running?
  46. Race Results
  47. Good upgrade motor
  48. AQ Motley Crew - please check your water pickups before your first run
  49. Motley Crew Questions.
  50. Battery Question
  51. How hot is to hot
  52. Just bought new Motley Crew --- not very fast ??
  53. What strut depth would be best to get the nose up?
  54. Death wobble
  55. new motley crew run times?
  56. Prop shaft broke
  57. Thank you Aqucraft for losing a brand new prop!
  58. Whats loose
  59. prop suggestion
  60. 6 out of 10 rating on this boat. Handles great, seriously lacking quality!
  61. anyone running 5s on the stock speedo?
  62. need help on installing water jacket
  63. need speed help mc
  64. Just got new Motley Crew have a few questions
  65. Running a little too warm I think...
  66. motley crew batteries??
  67. Upgraded water cooling system....
  68. Where can i get a balanced prop for my motley crew?
  69. Is this true?
  70. Motor lead wire and plug solder issue
  71. Will this prop be ok in my Motley Crew?
  72. traxxas spartan motor and esc in mc
  73. Bad strut bushing
  74. airplane esc?
  75. Check your stuffing tube is still glued in!
  76. Short video of Sept 5
  77. what prop with a 2074 1800kv leopard and T180 esc???
  78. motely crew 68.4 mph
  79. Dual Water Pickup Rudder
  80. Motley Crew Leopard 4074 install
  81. Does this lipo look swollen of puffed at all?
  82. what do you think of this set up
  83. Why is the cut-off so LOW?
  84. Motley crew motor question
  85. What is inside the hull of the Motley Crew?
  86. Motley Crew Back ordered
  87. I gotz me a question (about props)
  88. Painted MC?
  89. First time MC boat story Debacle , with some questions
  90. Water outlet
  91. how to make your motley crew haul butt !!
  92. What all do I need to run a motor like this
  93. Water jacket leaks
  94. size of water lines??
  95. Can I strip down boat and add my own paint?
  96. Adding expanding foam inside hull??
  97. correct Prop choice...
  98. the stickers...
  99. ul1 2030kv instead of the 1800kv...
  100. beautiful
  101. Question about teflon liner and strut bushing in my Motley Crew
  102. Im happy with my MC...
  103. mc
  104. Cold weather affecting speed?
  105. First Rc Boat...First Run..whole 6 mins of it...LOL (PICS)
  106. What changes were addressed with motley crew?
  107. What size lipos to run? What C rating?
  108. My MC flips over....Driver or Boat?
  109. Stuffing tube and shaft alignment issues...pics
  110. Tested my new set-up today, and gotz me a question.
  111. I think my teflon liner is spinning in the shaft....
  112. Newbie.. Fuel tubing in front of prop nut?
  113. Avoid losing flex shaft and prop?
  114. Stock ESC and motor?
  115. Kintec upgraded flex cable
  116. AQ MC Bobbing at WOT...Video Help.
  117. 2700kv Outrunner motor & 60a esc for MC from seagad stock upgrade or downgrade?
  118. I'm going to "foam" my hull
  119. Looking for a second boat?
  120. Thinking MC but need some affirmation...
  121. Radio range?
  122. First run of my Motley Crew
  123. Finding a few extra mph?
  124. strut
  125. Motley crew gold aluminum cooling jacket
  126. Motley Crew / Decals and Tupperware
  127. Is this how its supposed to look when its running VIDEO
  128. Finally scored one- setting up for NAMBA P-Ltd Cat Sprint race
  129. Motley Crew Hull Repair
  130. Hello, count me in!
  131. Traxxas TQi for a Motley?
  132. Awesome Motley Video at HD Flyer
  133. This is one slow forum
  134. MC Handling question.
  135. MC esc issue?
  136. 5s lipo on motley crew .
  137. Foaming and fiberglass work **new guy**
  138. Flex Shaft
  139. Question on 120 esc
  140. Brand new MC got a total of 1 foot before flex broke
  141. Prop install help
  142. strut bushing to tight?
  143. Brushless Motor In MC
  144. Strut Height?
  145. Take a look please/setup help
  146. really thinking about buying a MC need some extra info before I do
  147. Third 1800kv motor dead in less than a year - what alternatives would be better?
  148. Need help on what all to buy?
  149. Blue Printing Motley Crew
  150. Which Prop?
  151. Temps
  152. My Motley Crew with 4 runs is up for sale
  153. Motley Crew Needs Speed!!!
  154. Motely Crew Going Left!
  155. 5.5MM connectors versus 6.5MM
  156. How to tell the difference in motors
  157. Motor mount Replacement question, will this work?
  158. Why not foam the "floor"
  159. My "prepped" Motley Crew
  160. Help with "bouncing"
  161. My Motley Crew Re-Build
  162. Need help ugrading my Motley Crew
  163. Best battery for stock MC with future upgrades
  164. My winter project, good or bad idea?
  165. Just bought a used MC. Need some info.
  166. To much prop and the wife says stick with this boat. Suggestions?
  167. I bought a Motley Crew off the F/S area, and I need some help
  168. Is this hull totalled??
  169. New MC with water issues!
  170. New MC not working HELP
  171. Best Rudder Replacement w/ watr P/U?
  172. Motley Crew Maiden dissapointment
  173. WTF is wrong now
  174. Bought a used MC, and did a complete rebuild
  175. Motley Crew finally runnin faster thanks to OSE members (VIDEO)
  176. Motor for MC
  177. Motor or Battery
  178. Help rebuild my MC after esc fire!
  179. Added another to the fleet
  180. Winter project? Need advice...
  181. MC or Blackjack 29
  182. Please help with setup
  183. Motley is dialed
  184. Decals or paint job?
  185. reset. my stx and rx seting
  186. MC high speed set up needed???
  187. Question about a motley crew boat...
  188. Base line setup for stock mc?
  189. MC Build, Castle 2400kv set-up and suggestions.
  191. How Fast are you running?
  192. How to replace stuffing tube?
  193. Seaking 180 problem
  194. Battery, Speed Control, and motor 101
  195. Motley Rebuild
  196. Help me tune my stock Motley Crew please
  197. Help With Motley Crew That Stopped After 20 Second First Run
  198. gutted motley crew
  199. Added a second water pickup
  200. MC running on one 4s or two 4s in parallel
  201. Newbie help
  202. what's everyone's struts measurements?
  203. Comparing MC and Revolt stock motor and ESC amp draw
  204. What size stuffing tube for motley crew?? 9/32??
  205. Just ordered a motley crew. Have some questions
  206. Anybody run castle spartan electronics?
  207. Add 2nd water cooler line to motor
  208. Return of my MC with Heat!!!!
  209. Prop questions
  210. Sharpening skeg
  211. What GPS do you use?
  212. Motor/Esc/battery temps
  213. Will running a 3s on one side and 2s on the other screw up balance?
  214. UL1 Motor 147 Degrees ESC & Battery Connections 108 Degrees MC Race Setup
  215. new to boating waiting on my motley crew to come in questions
  216. esc not arming
  217. Lucas oil ;some mods
  218. Lucus Oil Extra Flotation Needed?
  219. Does the Motley Crew hull require blueprinting to run flat?
  220. Drain plug alternatives?
  221. Lucas Oil sponson blueprinting
  222. Finally decided on batteries
  223. Motley crew flex shaft length?
  224. madian voyage of motcrew with smc 6000 2s lipo ran great till impact with smthing
  225. aquacraft lucas oil stock/factory part cables?
  226. How to repair damaged front hull tip
  227. Lucas Oil FE Cat water pickup and cooling outlet
  228. Lucas oil water cooling
  229. Flex cable length : Is this normal???
  230. can i use a seaking 4800kv
  231. I was told and ignored
  232. Bit the Bullet
  233. 3 of the best teams in offshore
  234. MC/LO cooling tube kinked from factory
  235. Lucas Oil + Grimracer L42x66 = no go!
  236. Is this setup safe?
  237. Lucas Oil strut adjustment
  238. some help needed with motley crew
  239. Wow, didn't know the Lucas Oil could go so fast in (nearly) stock trim!
  240. Question for Grimm
  241. lucas oil hull
  242. lucas oil
  243. M Crew Rudder repair. Tips wanted
  244. Lucas oil hull cheap?
  245. What prop should I get? Lucas oil
  246. Flex cable question
  247. Upgrade motor and esc?
  248. Lucas Oil / Motley Crew AirFoil on OSE
  249. Motley Crew Air foil installation
  250. My Review of the Lucas Oil / Motley Crew AirFoil by Hug Racing