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  1. What amps can I charge at safely?
  2. Question about lipos
  3. Difference in Hyperion packs
  4. How do you flare ends of 3/32" brass rod when building 5.5 bullet parallel connectors
  5. Question regarding a lepard 4082 1500KV running 4S
  6. Blade CX3 Heli battery low and wont charge,
  7. i have a cell that charged to 5.4 volts ????
  8. What is your favorite "Cheap" packs
  9. 2200mah lipo's any good?
  10. Thunder Power Question
  11. battery is hot. should i get rid of it>
  12. Dead on arivial Nano Tech... Help with warranty clame.
  13. wattage verses amperage
  14. battery mah and amps in paralell
  15. Hyperion Super Duo 3?
  16. Hooking 4s together with 2s for 6s plus the soldering male and female connectors
  17. Where can i buy a leopard lpb 4068/2d 4390kv motor?
  18. Why does a cell swell up?
  19. Need Battery/Charger Recommendations
  20. Great hobbies G-3 LIPO ?
  21. lipo sheild for sv27
  22. New to elc.
  23. B- grade lipos?
  24. Lipo battery charging problem.
  25. Cut off voltage chart?
  26. How much charge should it take?
  27. Turnigy Nano-Tech VS. Thunder Power?
  28. Turnigy nano 6600mah new
  29. Lower C rating on 2p??
  30. HK nano tech or not?
  31. Win Max Lipos Any Good?
  32. Any one try these batteries?
  33. new hobbyking batt checker, up to 8S
  34. any one make a connector that will go from two 2s packs to a 4s pack connector
  35. lipo question...
  36. duratrax onyx 235 question
  37. Which is better 2S1P or 2S2P?
  38. Flightpower 4s 14.8V 7400mah 25c with Seaking 180A Esc, Will it work?
  39. Can I charge at 4S?
  40. Still any need for high capacity dischargers/cyclers?
  41. New Batteries
  42. Are Hyperion Lipos the best?
  43. Turnigy 4s 40c 5000
  44. needs some packs but who has best quality control?
  45. Is it really worth buying from china?
  46. Rhino pack/ accucel 6 being an S.O.B.
  47. 5S or 6S on a 1700kv?
  48. battery balancing
  49. Parallel Battery connection advice
  50. How to mesure lipo.
  51. Need a quality set of lipos. What do you run?
  52. My First Set of Lipo's!
  53. think my zippy is dead
  54. Best bargain for marine lipos.
  55. Battery connections - Mystic
  56. Wiring up 5.5mm Connections....need suggestions.
  57. Series Wiring with 5.5 Bullets.
  58. matched sets
  59. Puffed 3 S
  60. Here's another dumb question
  61. Need some quick help regarding batteries. Trying to place an order now!!!
  62. Can you really tell a difference?
  63. batteries?
  64. RX Battery purpose
  65. Storage Charging LiPo
  66. LiPo dunking and low voltage Q's.
  67. A little LIPO question...
  68. New nano-techs huge 40c
  69. Gens Ace Hard Pack
  70. coincidence?
  71. Lipo storage and disposal
  72. Magic lipos?
  73. Looking for a lipo battery...
  74. Would these be any good in a boat application?
  75. Aluminum Battery Cooling Plates
  76. OSE Lipo's
  77. What does it mean to run batteries "in parallel"?
  78. Transmitter lipo!
  79. Battery, ESC, motor question
  80. Neuenergy lipos vs hyperion lipos
  81. 5s lipos
  82. First boat. lipo battery qustion
  83. Hyperion 4s batteries + 2s to= 6s Any problems with this?
  84. C rating vs. mAh
  85. Lipo Salvageable?
  86. Need help to understand Parallel Deans Plug
  87. parallel or series
  88. lipo charging rate question
  89. Just charged a Lipo and Have a Question
  90. haiyinstore.com
  91. Quick question....
  92. Convert from NIMH to Lipoly- very confused- need help
  93. What is better A bec or Rx pack?
  94. You think my Lipo "fix" is OK?
  95. How to???? 2S + 4S balancing tap to make 6S tap
  96. Is there a real good write up on lipo?
  97. Anyone ordered from Leaderhobby? How's the service?
  98. Long and skinny 6s pack?
  99. parallel connections?
  100. Battery discharge verses wattage
  101. Battery continuous amps
  102. Information on Haiyin Batteries
  103. New! MaxAmps.com LiPo Battery Tester and Low Voltage Alarm
  104. New brand of Lipos to choose from!
  105. 2x2s lipos versus 4s lipo
  106. bullet connector de soldered when i plugged it in. Alternatives?
  107. First lipo charge. I just wanted to check things out before its too late.
  108. 4s and 2s
  109. Poly Rc 4s cells 5000mah lazzy ?
  110. Micro Hydro Lipo's
  111. Winmax 50-100c Lipos vs Hyperion 45-90c . Battery testing Review.
  112. Balancing the Lipo's
  113. Dreaming of the perfect battery ?
  114. Anyone know anything about this Battery???
  115. Looking for a way to charge multi AAA and AA batts w/ my turnigy charger. HELP!!
  116. 1 6000 mah pack or 2 3000 mah packs ?
  117. Break in lipos
  118. Battery vs. motor kv question.
  119. Freezing a Moderately Puffed Lipo
  120. 12V L.E.D. Battery
  121. Gen Ace & Sky Lipo 12 Gauge Wire
  122. Balancing problems
  123. 2S for 6v receiver
  124. Replacing nimh with Lipo
  125. Lipo Capacity
  126. Batteries hooked up in series
  127. Gens Ace Lipo Concern
  128. any new lipo brands out there??
  129. Don't get rid of your old nimh packs!!
  130. LiFe charging ????
  131. Newb needs help
  132. Mtronics-Viper Marine 25..
  133. Amp draw
  134. Gens Ace
  135. DYI battery connectors
  136. Sky Lipos?
  137. Lipo Connection Sparking
  138. LVC buzzer problems HELP
  139. 6S 5000mA pack fit in Genesis/FCDaytona sponson?
  140. Newby lipo questions
  141. Which side of velcro is glued to hull???
  142. hk genesis battery
  143. Lipo Question
  144. LiPo discharger
  145. lipos
  146. Hyperion or Thunder Power, whats better
  147. Genesis Power Lipo's
  148. dan hutchinson (cobra tunnel boats)
  149. How do you prefer to make parallel conectors for 2 lipos.
  150. Minimum capacity on a 8s boat?
  151. New! MaxAmps.com Internal Plug low-resistance packs
  152. Gens Ace c rating
  153. waisted lipos
  154. Battery damage
  155. Haiyin Batteries
  156. parellel vs series question....
  157. Soooo confused
  158. Looking for a 10c+ charge rate battery ~1200-1600 mah
  159. lipo c rating and amp question
  160. EC3 connector vs 5.5 bullet
  161. ATTN> Hyperion 1210i owners, replacement LCD screens!
  162. Lipo Question. Let me pick your brain!
  163. Batteries are getting hot and puffing
  164. Anyone used zippy flightmax lipos?
  165. 3x3
  166. 9s
  167. Where To Buy Batteries?
  168. Color Options for MaxAmps.com Race Edition LiPos
  169. Hobby King batteries
  170. Mixed lipos
  171. Which LiPo battery connectors are considered standard?
  172. Question
  173. lipos with female 4mm bullets built-in
  174. What size & make bullet plugs are best.
  175. do i need to upgrade from 5.5mm for 12s??
  176. New battery tech
  177. Ekos on 9.6V 500mah hump pack not getting on plane
  178. Battery daily storage and spark question
  179. LIPO storage: 3.7 Volts?
  180. battery
  181. How warm should lipos be after a run
  182. How to charge dead lipos.....sorry if this has been talked about already
  183. So I melted my radio tray yesterday.....
  184. 5000 mah 45c 10s batt
  185. LVC: What do you recommend for 2S, 4S, etc?
  186. 54 AMP Charging......
  187. Lipo placement in pursuit.
  188. Eagle Tree E-logger V4 w/ GPS
  189. Where to get quality bullets?
  190. Battery/ Charger?
  191. lipo connector question
  192. What brand of lipo battery do you run
  193. Secret Weapon
  194. Two charger and battery questions
  195. Converting a Hard Case Lipo to a Soft Pack
  196. Connecting 5.5mm bullets
  197. Over-Volting LiPos and SAW Racing
  198. LiPo Sack Question
  199. Battery mounting question
  200. Organized racing and LiPo fire safety precautions.
  201. Storage voltage?
  202. Understanding Lipo Cells
  203. What is the correct lipo storage voltage?
  204. Research on charging procedures continue
  205. Lipo sack scam alert
  206. Lipos Puffy
  207. Charging Protocal
  208. Gens ace warranty? Do they have one.
  209. Buying new lipos, like some input
  210. Turnigy nano tech problem
  211. Battery and Charger recommendation
  212. What battery configuration are you all using?
  213. What is more Efficient 3s or 4s
  214. soldering 8 gauge zippy difficulty
  215. Wet Lipos
  216. NiMH Heat Problem
  217. Batteries for a new stock Pro Boat "Blackjack 29"
  218. new battery charging system
  219. new batteries for Genesis
  220. voltage cutoff
  221. New better battery's just FYI
  222. Lipo battery issues
  223. spark
  224. 5.5 bullet connectors
  225. Lipo connector/wiring???
  226. Battery capacity question
  227. Will these Lipo's work.
  228. Ideal battery weight typically in a 30" mono? Racers thoughts appreciated!!
  229. Which ones would you choose?
  230. Lipo question
  231. Battery Boss - RC's first reality show
  232. LIPO What's Happening?
  233. two different types of 2s lipos
  234. Fully charged Lipos...
  235. Higher mAh vs Lower mAh- More mAh = More running time?
  236. Best way to discharge lipos quickly
  237. lipo batteries 5s
  238. new to the hobby
  239. mystic with nano 45-90 / 65-130c
  240. Lipo batteries ran in series with deans connectors
  241. battery advise on my KOS
  242. Best lipos for the money for sport running
  243. Lipo Charging?
  244. Has anyone taken apart the hard case batteries
  245. attatching cf lipo trays to df 29
  246. New lipo battery wont take a charge
  247. Batteries with diferentt mAh and discharge rates in parallel?
  248. Some interesting info from Safeco underwriter
  249. Different voltages in parallel
  250. Quick question regarding Lipo