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Thread: Servo adjustable stinger and servo adjustable trim tabs

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    Default Servo adjustable stinger and servo adjustable trim tabs

    Hello there, here are two products I plan on using in an upcoming 50" fountain mono hull build. There seems to be a bit of controversy already as to there practicability in fe boats. I plan on using them and making them work well. That's the plan anyways, go easy on me! This is for sport boating use only and thought it would be fun. In one of the spots I run its lake Ontario on the left side and on the right a well protected creek shallows area. I thought this would be great for trimming back and forth quick for different water conditions. Let me know what you think!2013-10-24_12-41-17_118.jpg2013-10-24_12-41-37_69.jpg2013-10-24_12-41-27_453.jpg2013-10-24_12-40-46_709.jpg2013-10-24_12-39-30_341.jpg

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    Another picture of the trim tabs, these are my first successful picture uploads! Happy to find its easier than it looked
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    Looks great, can't wait to hear the out come
    I have always thought this would be neat

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    While there is a certain "cool" factor associated with prepared that you will need some strong servos and they will be sucking lots of juice to maintain positions under the loads put on them by a big, heavy hull. Better have a BIG receiver pack.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doby View Post
    While there is a certain "cool" factor associated with prepared that you will need some strong servos and they will be sucking lots of juice to maintain positions under the loads put on them by a big, heavy hull. Better have a BIG receiver pack.
    Spektrum's A7000 Retract servo's would be the ticket here. Cheap too

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    What part of the lake Ontario do you run , were @ Frenchman's Bay , the tabs look good btw IMGA0267.jpg here are mine .

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    I will have to check out the spektrum servo. I haven't decided what exactly to do there. The cam on the stinger is not well placed. Even in the neutral position, even with keel the servo will be fighting the whole time. I may do something inside the hull to obtain a better mechanical advantage. The trim tabs on the other hand are very easy to control. The adjustment is done by a three start thread. 45 degree movement of the arm gives you more travel than you would ever need. Very little force required to move and maintain position. They are totally waterproof as well, the rod travelling back and fourth making the adjustment is double oringed. Very nice setup and easily doable. The stinger is another animal altogether. Perhaps a servo in the 30kg range with a two or three to one mechanical advantage inside the hull. Likely overkill. I am unsure of a good servo choice, lots of servos will move the load but how many can hold there position constantly? I would welcome any advice for servo choice. Servo city has some unique. Items i am looking at. This including the radio will be run on a seperate life battery. The boat will be quite heavy i am sure by the time its done. This part is going to be a build of its own!

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    Hey savage, i am out in pporthope. Pickering isnt all that far! I love those trim tabs on your boat. I wish the designer of these tabs had taken a little time on looks. They may be modified before all is said and done

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    Quote Originally Posted by srislash View Post
    Spektrum's A7000 Retract servo's would be the ticket here. Cheap too
    While that is a torquey servo....would it stand up under a continuous load. Remember, unless the tabs and stinger have some sort of "locking in place" mechanism.....they will be under load all the time.

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    you can also check out boaters & crawlers durham on face book if your on that , It will let you know when we all get out for a rip :) Mike

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    Good group runs in Peterborough most weekends, have a couple nice areas with good water conditions. We run just north of Trent U.
    Parking, boat launching ramp, retrieval boat...Would love to hook up with some more local guys next season.
    If my boats upside down then who owns the one I thought I was driving the last two laps?

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    I would love to get out with some fellow boaters, should have a few boats to run for next season. I would imagine things can get a little rough on frenchmans bay, have you got a spot thats somewhat protected? Peterborough would be an incredible place to run on a nice sunnny day. Must be nice having your choice of some of the best rc boating spots going! It would be great to get out to both places! I will post a picture of the boat this is going in. I will put it another post as its on another device.

    Doby, the trim tabs will be under minimul load by design. I can hold the actuating arm with a finger and try and load the trim tabs in both directions as much as i can without damaging the tab and all is good. Stinger will be another issue altogether! It will work , say it enough times and it becomes true!

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    Here it is, this will all be in a build thread, recovering from surgery and very bored. Hence product posting!
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    I have a bit of experience with the adjustable AQ-V24 had an adjustable stinger...went through 4 servos before I gave might have better luck!

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    Only four servos? You gave up a little early! There's going to be a lot of carbon fiber going on in the hull and it may up looking like a mad scientists experiment with what I am thinking inside the hull. Imam going to use the lever as my mechanical advantage weapon of choice. They see to have served history well. Hopefully my boat to. Good thing is if all fails I can still do the setscrew lock and adjust thing. Its going to work. Its going to work.

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    Hi Jeff in your Avatar you got the stinger allready mounted?
    its the same as my hull :-)
    So we will get good comparism -- Jeff 1 Motor - me twin.
    I would love to drive them side by side :-(
    have fun boating

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    No Axel, its just stuck on there. Carbon fiber mess first, then the fun stuff. Still awhile away from being mobile enough to build. Hows yours coming? Are you just about done? I am going to go like hell on this build just as soon as I can. Its killing me not being able to do anything!!!

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    We have the best of both worlds bay side or lakeside , clam or ruff , that's why i have different hulls . would be great too see you all :) . Sunday maybe good , well'll be out for sure

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    I would love to get out but back surgery has me out of action for the next while. Happy boating!

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    Sorry too here get well soon dude , i know the feeling , Oct 1 st i had a Pacemaker installed . Feels great to be up in at it .

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    Its no problem, I just mentioned it because I have been talking about this build again and didn't want
    people wondering why I keep talking about it and nothing is happening!

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    I like the idea, but you're going to have to use a 4 channel stick radio. It will be easy for a while to get confused as to which stick does what.

    Great idea though.

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    I have bought a 4ch pistol grip radio. Its the flysky it-4. I ran it this year is a little 26"mono I built. It works great. There seem to be a lot of flysky haters but I must say I love it. It has a serial bus with as well. I have tested it the way I want to run it in the fountain all this stuff is going in. I can use the two trim buttons morally used channel 1 and two. Any steering trim I Need to so can be quickly accessed on the touch screen. This still leaves the serial bus empty and lots of other buttons ale to be programmed. I haven't got a handle on how the serial bus interfaces yet but I don't think I will need it. Its amazing how much this thing will actually do, plus of displays rx voltage and two temperature sensors. One for motor and one for the esc. Live readings while your running! I am using the swordfish 300+ so data
    logging will be great! Able to plug in and check things out at the lake. All four servo positions are also displayed on the main screen so I won't ever get lost with trim and tilt positioning! All that for $165 ( I think that's what it was) I could drive my little mono till it almost disappeaed so range is good as well. I have heard that the telemetry may or may not interfere with other radio setups but haven't any proof to that effect. I was going to use my spectrum dx7i but its to much hassle and doesn't do things the way I.want. another long winded explanation. Sorry, I just do that!


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