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    Found this while searching RumRunnerRacing. The idea is to better expand the visibility of meeting places for us Rc boaters around the world. I'm not sure who stated it, but they deserve a bunch of credit.

    Model Boat Pond Locations
    How to add your pond.

    1. Click here Google Maps Link for Rc Boating Locations
    2. Click the link in the upper right corner of Google Maps to sign into Google if you are not already signed in.
    3. Once you have signed into Google you will see a red EDIT button above. Click it.
    3. A Push Pin icon will appear in the upper left corner of the map. Click the Push Pin icon and place it on the map where your pond is.
    4. After placing the Push Pin on the map a Text Box will appear where you can add information about the pond location. Please include details about the pond such as Name, Running times, Directions, Contact person(s), Club affiliation (if any), website link, types of power systems allowed, etc.
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    Welcome to the main page of the Upgraded OffshoreElectrics Forum. There have been many changes and moving of buttons on the board, but I think once you get familiar with the changes, your experience is going to be much improved. If you have any questions please post them here for a quick response.

    Some of the added features.
    -The use of tables in now active in forum threads.
    -Quick load of multiple pictures.
    -Video links for videos to post within the thread.
    -Main page with updates to whats currently being said on the threads.
    -Article posting and creating. Its now possible to create an article with the click of a button.
    -Plus, there are many more small fixes that work in the background to keep the forum running smoothly.

    Link to products site www.offshoreElectrics.com or www.ose.us

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    Yes those pictures are incorrect, the first pic is correct. If you run as in the second picture the flexes will unwind ruining the flexes

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    Some revo batts for sale

    Nothing more can on with this thread without the pictures

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    These are to take 4mm propshaft.

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    Some revo batts for sale

    I'll take the pair of 5000mah 3s 70c 435's. Paypal address?

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    Some revo batts for sale

    Interested in - 4s 5500mah 427 70c $35 shipped

    Can you tell me the IR of the cells please?

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